I have been working for professional shows and being in the makeup industry for a long while, so drag makeup is one of my core skills as well as other types of makeup. A good makeup artist can enhance everyone's look. Drag makeup or makeup for female character inpersonation requires specialised products and techniques. This is a total make over and depends on what you are looking for; a mainstream drag look, a safe drag look or a more feminine look?  I provide full long lasting cover makeup which is sweat and heat resistant. High quality of false eyelashes are included with your drag makeup. 

Good to know:


Drag Makeup Lessons (one to one tutorial):

  • Drag Makeup Lesson 4 Hours £170 at James Adisai Studio. (price fr a home visit please call)
    • This 4 hours lesson is suitable with clients who have already basic drag makeup knowledge and experience.
  • Drag Makeup Lesson 6 Hours £200 at James Adisai Studio. (price for a home visit please call)
    • This 6 hours lesson is suitable with all starters.

What’s included with all drag makeup lessons:

  • 1 pair of upper false eyelashes.
  • 1 pair of lower false eyelashes.
  • All necessary equipment is provided.
  • Coffee, tea and bottled water.

Come to study with a friend 50% discount for the second student! 

(e.g. average only £127.50 per person for 4 hours lesson when you study with a friend)

Please note:  

  • All clients are required to be at least 18 years old to attend makeup lessons.
  • All of the the lessons are one to one tutorial.
  • If you would like to come to study with your friend I only take a maximum of 3 clients per lesson to ensure that you recieve adequate attention.


Drag Makeover and Photoshoot for One  £150   (approx 3 hours)

  • An A4 print of your favourite image and the original digital file.
  • Available weekdays and weekends.
  • Optional:
    • £30 for each additional digital photo with special retouch.

What's Included?

  • Style consultation.
  • Wig styling.
  • Professional drag make-up application.
  • Professional photoshoot.
  • Private viewing session.
  • Complimentary drinks throughout.

What happens on the day?

As I am a professional makeup artist, I will work with you for the whole session so you can achieve your perfect look. Once we have completed your mesmerizing new look, photos will be taken in a private and relaxed atmosphere. At the end of it all, you will have the opportunity to view a selection of amazing shots and the chance to order any additional photos that you might like.

Complimentary drinks will be served throughout, you’ll receive an A4 print photo and an original digital electronic image file to take home with you..


A mainstream drag look


A mainstream drag look


A mainstream drag look

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